About us

Atelier Tempus Poland is a brand owned by Global Management Igor Jan Wyzycki. It has been on the collectible watches market since 2013, continuing Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski’s nearly thirty-year tradition of “Orologi di Qualità a Milano”. We approach watches with passion and respect, offering only the highest quality pieces. We are proud of our long-standing cooperation with our customers, of the collections that we have built with them, and of that none of the watches sold has ever been returned to us.

The subject of passion and work for the founders encompasses both modern and historical watches, but the most important aspect is their collector’s value. At Atelier Tempus, we offer a wide selection of Patek Philippe watches, while also having a rich offering of other prestigious Swiss brands.

As Atelier Tempus, we collaborate with national and international auction houses, important collectors, and investment entities.

The watches offered by Atelier Tempus come from both private European collections and international watch dealers. Thanks to our many years of industry experience, we are able to offer very competitive prices.

Upon request from our clients, we search the international market for specific watches at preferential prices, create collections, and assist in curating collections.

We also act as intermediaries in the sale of watches from our clients’ collections. We can both directly purchase watches from our clients and assist in selling them on the international market.

A meeting with Atelier Tempus representatives is possible by appointment.

For security reasons, watches are not stored at the company’s premises.